If you follow the world of lifting, you'll notice every professional powerlifter wears a singlet but is there a reason? Learn why powerlifters wear singlets and if singlets are worth it for lifts.

What Is Powerlifting?

Powerlifting is a sport that requires a combination of strength, technique, and mental focus. One aspect of powerlifting that is often overlooked is the attire worn by competitors. The singlet, a one-piece, tight-fitting apparel is the standard attire for powerlifters. But why do powerlifters wear singlets?

Reasons Why Powerlifters Wear Singlets

It's A Rule

First and foremost wearing a singlet in competition is a rule. There are dozens of powerlifting federations with each having their own set of rules but across all of them singlets are mandatory for competitors with the singlet itself having to follow a set standard. For example, in UK lifting competitions, singlets must be:

  1. one piece
  2. collarless
  3. must not cover the knees or elbows
  4. can be any colour

Lifters if wanted can wear a unitard, t-shirt, shorts, or leggings under their singlet. If opted, these must be tight fitting, collarless, any colour but not patterned, and may cover the elbows and knees.

It's A Uniform

Singlets are worn to ensure consistency and fairness among competitors. The singlet is tight-fitting and reveals the entire upper body and legs, making it easy to see if a lifter is using any type of performance-enhancing equipment, such as a supportive bench press shirt or squat suit. This level of transparency helps to prevent cheating and ensures that all competitors are on an even playing field.

It's Functional

Singlets also serve a functional purpose. Powerlifting is a physically demanding sport that requires a high degree of mobility and stability. The singlet allows for a full range of motion, enabling lifters to perform the squat, bench press, and deadlift with optimal technique. The tight fit also provides support for the core muscles, which are crucial for maintaining proper form during the lifts.

It Helps With Safety

Single also help to protect the lifters from injuries. The tight fit of the singlet helps to keep the lifter's body in proper alignment, which reduces the risk of injury. The singlet also helps to protect the lifter's skin from friction and abrasion caused by the barbell or equipment.

It's An Image

Finally, the singlet is a symbol of the sport of powerlifting. Wearing a singlet is a rite of passage for powerlifters and a symbol of the dedication and commitment required to compete at the highest level. It represents the unity and camaraderie that exists among powerlifters, regardless of their level of experience or skill.

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In conclusion, powerlifters wear singlets for a variety of reasons. They serve as a tool for fairness, functionality, safety, and symbolism. While the singlet may seem like a simple piece of clothing, it plays an important role in the sport of powerlifting. It helps to level the playing field, enables proper technique, and symbolises the dedication and commitment required to compete at the highest level.

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